Spot the difference

A distinctive visual style and an imaginative approach to gameplay help to set Ivory's two spot the difference games above the standard Flash fare found online. Five Differences came first and now Ivory has developed the concept with Six Differences. In addition to having an extra difference on each level, Six Differences has a more varied look and a more mischievous spirit. On many levels finding the fifth difference triggers an onscreen event which leads to the sixth difference becoming apparent. It also adds a soundtrack and a hint button. Both games are thoroughly absorbing and you'll wish they lasted longer.

What gamers really want: up-to-date ads

From the Washington Post:

"Some areas naturally support the advertising," said Chip Lange, EA's vice president of online commerce. "If you drive around an urban environment and there's no advertising, the space feels naked -- and if the advertising is dated, the game feels old."

Thankfully EA has found a way to solve this pressing problem. The next version of The Need for Speed will include roadside ads that update via the internet. Says the Post:

Some players find such advertising objectionable -- after all, many games for the Xbox 360 cost $60 apiece. But many game fans say they like the ads because they contribute to the illusion of a realistic urban or sports-arena environment.

Personally, I'm all in favour because of course EA will use the extra revenue they get to reduce the price of their games, right?