Odds and ends

Today was largely spent trying to shake off the cold that's been annoying me all week. However, in a late evening spurt of productivity I freshened this blog up a little. The impetus was Last.fm and its new widgets. The old one stopped working a few weeks ago so I fixed that and then, since I was there, I added a flickr widget too. From there it was a slippery slope and I ended up re-skinning the entire page.

It's the same old WordPress theme but I've changed the header image and the background colours to match. I quite like it, although it will probably make people thing this blog is called Don't Walk.

Now all I have to do is make some time to write more.

If you haven't looked at 26 books for a while, I've added two more titles. Tim Harford's The Undercover Economist and Don DeLillo's Falling Man have taken me over the halfway mark with more than half the year remaining.

How many blogs...

... can one man have? In my case, two. Well, three if you count Upload. This one is a home for random amusing and/or interesting things that I've found or have been sent to me. It's also a chronicle for my attempt to read 26 books this year. It's not the most astounding achievement I know, but since I don't get all that much time for reading, one book every fortnight is plenty to be going on with.