You will hear the shrillest highs

I've written before about the first law of the internet: whatever you just thought of, someone else is probably already doing it. I came across another example today on Lifehacker's Geek to Live post about how to make your own mobile phone ringtone from an MP3. Gina Trapani follows the same process I used when I made my own ringtone a few months back, like me she uses Audacity and like me she prefers to use a tune that sounds a bit like a ringtone to start with.

And so we both ended up with the opening seconds of Such Great Heights by The Postal Service.

It's an odd song because offline it's pretty obscure but online it's all over the place. Look. See?

Nobody who has heard my ringtone has ever recognised the song - apart from Dave Green who said 'isn't that the song Iron and Wine sing?'

Anyway, I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it. Not because Gina has it now too - I'm sure that only makes it cooler - but because I keep thinking my phone is ringing when it's not. There's something about those high-pitched beeps at the beginning of the song - everything sounds like them.

I need a new idea.