Bad business

I'm disappointed to hear that eMusic is cutting the number of tracks US subscribers are allowed to download each month. No word yet on whether the European service, which launched only recently, will follow suit. I hope not. Psychologically, I don't like the idea of getting less for the same price. For some reason I would be happier to pay more for the same number of downloads. Obviously, it makes no difference.

In an ideal world they would be increasing the number of tracks you can download and keeping the price the same. As Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing says:

After all, when you're selling something inherently experimental (like new music, or new electronic services), it makes sense to keep the cost of experimentation as low as possible.

It's the opportunity for experimentation that keeps me coming back to eMusic but at some point prices will reach a level where the deal is no longer attractive. eMusic still has the best business model of any online music store but surely the best way for them to increase profitability would be to make the offer more tempting and attract new subscribers rather than milk - and possibly drive away - the existing ones.