An RSS for all your favourite bands

earFeeder generates an RSS feed incorporating news about all your favourite bands. The site will scan your computer for music files and then add the artists to your feed. You can remove any artists you don't want or limit the selection to artists with more than a certain number of tracks. Like SonicLiving it's another good idea that simplifies a time-consuming task by using data that you gave lying around.

Founder David Cohen says:

I think it's important to understand that 23 Things didn't build earFeeder to go after some enormous untapped market. We built it because we wanted it for ourselves. Our friends liked it, so we released it for others to enjoy. earFeeder earns some affiliate revenues because people subscribe to the feed and buy music and tickets that they might not have otherwise even known about.

I'm not sure how many sites they include in the feeds. So far all I've had is a bunch of tourdates, all of them in the US. I'll try it for a week or two and see how useful it is.