Worthington: out

The one good thing about watching a woeful Norwich side get pummelled by Burnley was the hope that the result would bring an end to Nigel Worthington's tenure as manager. Delia Smith and her husband Michael Wynn Jones - the majority shareholders in NCFC - issued a statement last week which strongly suggested Worthington would be out if the team did not perform better in the coming matches against Burnley and QPR.

As my Telegraph colleague Stewart Jackson predicted, defeat in the first match was likely to deny Worthington a chance to redeem himself in the second:

They may have promised to give Worthington two games, but due to the international break the QPR game will be a fortnight later. The pressure for change will surely be unbearable if Burnley prevail.

And so it proved. After a hopeless 4-1 defeat in which Gary Doherty was sent off for an absurd professional foul, Smith and Wynn Jones took action and sacked Worthington. It's at least six months late but it's the right decision.

However, the real work begins now as the board try to find a convincing replacement.

Pundit Rick Waghorn suggests several former Canaries could emerge as possible replacements for Worthington but most of them are unproven at this level. The most experienced is Mark Bowen, assistant to Mark Hughes at Blackburn.

Rick also mentions that Norman Hunter, the well-qualified first team coach and, as of this afternoon, caretaker manager, might be interested in taking the job full-time. There's certainly an argument for allowing him some time to prove himself.

Most supporters want Alan Curbishley, who did wonders for Charlton. He took them from a situation very similar to the one that Norwich are in now into a safe Premiership spot. Rumours abound that he's been spotted in Norwich this week but would he want to step back to where he was ten years ago? I doubt it.

Whatever happens, the match against QPR is certain to have a party atmosphere.