The weatherman's best friend

Two TV stations in Houston, Texas have adopted dogs to be part of their weather teams. Radar on NBC's KPRC was first and he now has a rival in Stormy, on CBS 19. Stormy clearly has the better agent. While Radar teaches "Houstonians how to become the best pet owners they can be", Stormy actually delivers the weather forecast, through the medium of costume:

If the weather dog is wearing a sweater viewers will know they are in store for a cool weather forecast. If Stormy is dressed in a parka, those tuning in will know it is time to bundle up.

Stormy has also been added to the station's masthead as part of the line-up of anchors.

So who will be the first British broadcaster to bring in a dog for the weather? My money's on Sky. [via Metafilter]