The gig guide that knows how to harmonise

Back when I was reviewing music I once saw 150 bands in a year. This year I've been to two gigs. SonicLiving aims to change that. It's a gig guide that scans your iTunes library (assuming you still have one after installing iTunes 7, obviously) or your or Pandora accounts and then finds gigs by your favourite artists. It only works with a few cities but happily one of them is London.

After I uploaded my iTunes library it found me 321 gigs over the next six months, which it automatically added to my wishlist. I can add the ones I'm interested in to my calendar and subscribe to an RSS feed of my calendar or wishlist.

Of course it has the obligatory social networking aspects too. I can invite friends to gigs, see what gigs they've been to or are planning and even find new friends by comparing wishlists.

I'm not sure how many London venues are included at the moment - I seem to get the same half dozen or so for all my shows - but I guess the coverage will expand if the site is successful.

This is a great idea. I'm creating data all the time, every time I read, listen to or watch something on my computer. This takes some of that data and adds value to it, without me needing to do anything. Except being organised enough to buy tickets of course.