That smell? Oh, that's iTunes 7

Obviously, the first thing I did on returning from a few days in Spain was turn on my computer and download the new version of iTunes from Apple. It has lots of exciting new features and my colleague at the Telegraph, David Derbyshire, is very impressed. Sadly for me and many others, iTunes 7 doesn't work. For a start, it mislaid around 6,000 of my songs - half my library. They were still on my harddrive but iTunes couldn't find them anymore.

Getting them back is relatively simple if you don't mind losing all your ratings and playcounts but the only way to fix the problem without losing the information is to point iTunes to each track one at a time. That's not a very practical solution when you have 6,000 tracks to find.

I use playcounts and ratings to generate smart playlists so this is a major irritation for me.

Second iTunes distorts some tracks during playback. Some people have found that changing the Quicktime audio settings fixes the problem but that doesn't work for me. Still, I should think myself lucky that the problem only affects me intermittently - some users can't get rid of it at all.

Does Apple actually test their software anymore? Have they turned into Microsoft? My advice is not to bother upgrading iTunes until Apple fixes these problems.