Stop, Wikipedia readers, you'll go blind...

From WikiCharts comes a list of what Wikipedia readers are looking at. Like much of the internet, porn dominates. The top 10 Wikipedia entries include "List of gay porn stars", "Sexual intercourse", "List of sex positions" and "Kama Sutra". The rest of the chart continues in much the same vein.

It reminds me of how the first thing kids do when they get their hands on a dictionary is look up all the swearwords.

However, there are two things worth noting. First, WikiCharts is very new so they warn that the data "may be false or misleading".

Second, if you look at the percentage of page views that each page is getting, only the main page gets more than one per cent. So it's only a tiny proportion of readers who are searching for porn. There are plenty of others looking up Jedis or whatever.