So I'm writing this on my brand new MacBook. The official reason for getting a new laptop is that the old one has a very flaky wireless connection. I'd get all the way to the end of a blog post, hit publish and then the screen would go blank. Not very practical since the only thing I used it for was writing blogs or browsing the web. Still, if I'm honest, my obsession with shiny new gadgets was a big factor. After all, a bargain basement £400 laptop would have done what I needed it to do. Still, I've been Mac-curious for while now.

I last used a Mac in the late 90s when I started at the Telegraph. I didn't get on with them at all. They crashed a lot - which was annoying considering the oft-repeated 'Macs don't crash' myth - and then when you restarted they told you off for not shutting-down properly. And I could never understand why they only had one mouse button.

It was the iPod and iTunes that started to win me over. I got a taste for gadgets and software that are well-designed rather than purely functional. The new MacBooks were the clincher; Bootcamp gives me the option to install Windows to the Mac and then load up the operating system of my choice.

So far, I'm very impressed with my new toy. The display is incredible - bright and very sharp. The spacing of the keyboard makes typing a joy. You see, it's all about the design.

As for software, I'm still learning but I like what I've seen of OS X. This laptop only has 512MB RAM (I wanted to upgrade but the chips were out of stock, so I'll have to wait) but everything's running smoothly without any hint of slowdown.

My only gripe so far is with the web browser, Safari, which isn't compatible with the WordPress dashboard - I can't see the toolbar so, among other things, I can't add links. That's the fault of WordPress really, not Apple, but either way I'll be getting Firefox this afternoon.

Oh, there is one other problem with the Mac: it's hard to get any work done when you're obsessed with keeping your shiny white laptop free of even the tiniest speck of dust. But I imagine that will pass...