Weird things people say in bookshops

Jen Campbell, who works at Ripping Yarns bookshop, has a very funny series of posts about the bizarre, stupid and frequently rude things customers have said to her. It's worth reading all of them. It's almost 20 years since I last worked in a bookshop and I've forgotten most of the very daft things customers said but two particular questions have stayed with me. The first was from the woman who asked whether we had a copy of Shakespeare's A Night in the Stream. It took a good few minutes to figure out that she was after A Midsummer Night's Dream.

I worked in bookshops for about four years and I was very good at keeping a straight face no matter how silly the question I was asked. However, there was one occasion when I couldn't control myself.

It concerns Desert Orchid, the horse. You might not remember much about Desert Orchid, the horse, but you probably remember that he was a horse. You will understand, then, why I laughed when a woman came in and said to me: "I'm looking for the new book about Desert Orchid. I think he wrote it himself."