Why are they whispering?

Scott Adams, who created Dilbert, has a very funny and insightful blog. In yesterday's post he raged against depressing movies and mumbling actors:

There’s some sort of unwritten rule that the worse a movie makes you feel, the longer it must be. Comedies and animated movies are generally well under two hours. But a movie about well-dressed people drowning in ice water is going to threaten the four hour mark.

Today he asks whether pride is the motivating force for Arabs in the Middle East and, if so, whether Americans can relate to that:

Unfortunately we (in America at least) are poorly equipped to understand that sort of model. Our favorite form of entertainment involves watching people trade pride for money on reality TV shows. You can convince almost any American to humiliate himself in return for cars, money, jewels or real estate. It’s fair to say we don't "get" why anyone else would feel different.

And, of course, for American you can easily substitute Briton and that sentence would still apply.