Turning off the radar

More than three years after I first started developing the site, I've decided to close The Music Radar. I just don't have time to do it justice. I doubt the news will come as a surprise to anyone who reads the site because it hasn't been updated since the middle of June. It's a shame that I couldn't carry it on because I think there is a niche here that is not exploited by reviews aggregators such as Metacritic. Aggregator sites gravitate towards the middle; the reviews that do best are the ones that most reviewers agree on. Not only that but Metacritic aggregates reviews from wherever it can and so over-represents generalists.

These two flaws seemed especially damaging for record reviews where the most ground-breaking material is usually being made outside the mainstream. What I tried to do with TMR was highlight instances where one or two expert reviewers had decided that an album merited a 'perfect' score. That's where the radar metaphor comes in: once a record reaches a certain level of acclaim it makes the radar.

I'll keep the site up for at least the next few months but from now on this blog will incorporate random thoughts about music alongside everything else.