Technorati redesigned

Blog search engine Technorati has had a redesign. It's a vast improvement. While the old site seemed confused, with no clear hierarchy of information, the new site is much easier to read. The front page delivers a manageable digest of what's important in the blogosphere, with the information broken down by tags, search terms and posts but it's the most popular page that I really like. I assume this feature was present in the old design but I never stayed long enough to find it in the past - the design was just too off-putting.

Another interesting feature is that the design changes once you sign in. It switches from a horizontal layout to a vertical one and puts your blog (or blogs) in the top right of the screen. Clicking on one of your blogs takes you into your profile page, which hasn't changed all that much but, like the rest of the site, is far clearer to read.

I was pleased to see from my profile that my work blog has now made it into the top 100,000 blogs online. Wow. It might not sound that impressive but given that Technorati tracks almost 50 million blogs, I think I'm doing pretty well. This blog is ranked a mere 1.89 million.

They've also improved the favourites page. Subscribe to your favourite blogs and Technorati will track the latest posts. The most popular page then tracks everybody's favourites. I haven't tried it out yet but it's an interesting idea and one that seems set on turning Technorati into a destination in its own right, rather than just a search engine.

Overall they've turned the site from a chore to read into a pleasure. I'll be spending more time there.