Hey Bobby, what's the French for ch-ch-cheat?

Thierry Henry after Arsenal's Champions League final defeat last month:

I told the ref: ‘If you don’t want us to win it just say it right from the top.’ You can’t say he cost us the final, because against a team like Barcelona what we had to do was more than difficult, but maybe next time I have to dive. I’m not a woman so I stayed on my feet.

Thierry Henry playing for France against Spain in tonight's World Cup second round match:

Puyol is booked for blocking Henry's run. It's a fair decision, though what is not fair is Henry collapsing to the ground and clutching his face as if Puyol had elbowed him. Henry should be booked as well.

And you thought he was being sarcastic when he said he'd have to dive next time.