A blogging legend bows out

It's taken me two weeks to notice but Paul Daniels has retired his blog. Oh sure, he's posting on his official page now - and podcasting! - but it just isn't the same. The new site is all slick and commercial where the old one was rough and personal. It offered a bizarre insight into the life of a minor celebrity and often read like a real life Curb Your Enthusiasm:

I started to learn my lines for the rehearsals that night in 'the Green Room' above the village library. I will be playing a slightly drunken gardener in the Marriage of Figaro and I found it very interesting to see how our local Amateur Dramatic Society put such a production together. It's a new translation from the original by my next door neighbour.

Larry David would kill for that plot. A new translation by the next door neighbour? Wow. What do you suppose the problem was with the existing translations?

Still, in my view, Paul never recaptured the heights of last summer. There was the dinner party:

Including a very camp waiter who, although black, did not know the words to 'Ole Man River'. Later, I found out why when he sang 'Big Spender' and his voice was higher than Shirley MacLaine's.

Then there was the one with the storage box:

Then I got a Phillips head screwdriver and my set of spanners to hold the nuts when I fitted the bolts. Spanners did not work so I used long nosed pliers. I got a tin of Elastoplast as well because the edges of just about everything were sharp, especially on the corners.

And the Paul Daniels hurricane plan:

On the other hand I saw last night that they now have planes that can fly over and even through these beasties. I wonder if a flight of such planes could go and bomb, simultaneously, a whirling hurricane and disperse the direction of the wind?

There's none of that kind of quality on the new site, sadly. Still, console yourself by keeping up with the great man's eBay transactions.