Speaking at the Wearable Technology Show, Olympia, March 2014

I'll be speaking at the Wearable Technology Show at London Olympia on March 18 2014. I'm moderating a panel discussion called Wearable Wellbeing at 2.30pm in Conference Room 1. The panel includes Nitin Bhas of Juniper Research, James Deakin of Fjord, Karin Edgett of SunFriend and Dr Sean Radford of TrainasOne. It should be a good discussion.

Then at 3.05pm in Conference Room 2 I'll be giving a presentation on Privacy and Data in the Age of Disruption, looking at some of the risks that the flood of data from wearable technology will create.

Meanwhile, Computerised You: How Wearable Technology Will Turn Us Into Computers is now available in a couple of other online stores. If you still haven't got your copy, try one of the links below:

Amazon (UK)
Amazon (US)
Apple (UK)
Apple (US)
Barnes and Noble