An inspiration!

I'm pleased to see that my 26books project has inspired somebody else to start blogging about the books they've read. James Higgs, who I've mentioned before, has started a personal Bookblog to review what he's been reading. No reviews so far but I'm looking forward to seeing what he's up to.

When James told me about the new blog, I mentioned that I'd been toying with the idea of expanding my 26books project next year and inviting others to take part. In doing so I forgot the first law of the internet: whatever you just thought of, somebody else is probably already doing it.

And here they are: 26 books. 52 weeks 3 suckers. Although it seems to me that there are more than 3 people taking part. Some, such as Swingbeat, are doing well. Others are slacking a little: Kayan needs more than a book a week to make the target.

Then there's SylvieB. Like me, she started her project to encourage herself to read more. However, she hasn't posted since the end of March so perhaps she's conceded defeat. Either that or she's too busy reading to do any blogging.

Of course 26 books in a year is nothing for a hardcore reader. Kikiduck is planning to read 100 books in 2006 and as of a couple of weeks ago she had read 21. I think she's including audiobooks though, which feels wrong to me. Surely you've got to read the book for it to count? But still, if you're aiming for 100 books I think you're entitled to make your own rules.

If you're seeking an intermediate challenge, you can join these people and aim for 50 books. It has more than 2,000 members.