A familiar theme

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I frequently bang on about the pointlessness of the Premier League. David Walsh, in today's Sunday Times, points out that Chelsea now have so much depth in their squad that their reserves are good enough to thrash almost any top flight side:

"What has become clear and should concern the Premier League is that the top four clubs, especially Chelsea and Manchester United, have the financial and organisational wherewithal to hold on to top-class players who would rather be an understudy there than a key member of the first team elsewhere.


"As the big four distance themselves from the pack, the consequence is predictability. It is a great weakness of the Premier League that in a race not yet a quarter of the way through, everyone knows who will fill the top four places. Only the order in which they finish remains to be determined.


"It would be encouraging to feel that those who run the Premier League were as concerned as they should be"

Of course, the Premier League bosses don't give a toss as long as the TV money keeps rolling in. Still, it's reassuring to see journalists pointing it out, even if their complaints will fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Wembley to watch a genuinely competitive top-flight sport: the NFL match between the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. The London drizzle and Wembley's inadequate turf threaten to spoil the game again this year but I'll enjoy my American football fix nonetheless.