10cc: a circle of facts

Via Tim comes a meme of sorts, begun by Kek-W. The idea is to come up with a top ten that is in some way related to Seventies rockers 10cc.

It doesn't have to be about them as such, which is good because I know nothing about them. So I thought I'd try coming up with 10 facts that connect 10cc with, well, themselves. It'll make sense when you read it.

1. 10cc were given their name by notorious, err, impresario Jonathan King
2. Jonathan King also named prog merchants Genesis
3. Genesis bassist Mike Rutherford later formed the execrable Mike and the Mechanics
4. Mike and the Mechanics singer Paul Carrack was an occasional member of Squeeze
5. Squeeze's fourth album, East Side Story, was partially produced by Elvis Costello
6. Elvis Costello's song The Comedians was later covered by Roy Orbison
7. Roy Orbison was a member of The Travelling Wilburys with George Harrison
8. George Harrison was in The Beatles, whose name was inspired by the band that backed Buddy Holly
9. Buddy Holly is thought to be, but in fact wasn't, the inspiration for the name of The Hollies
10. The Hollies' hit Bus Stop was written by Graham Gouldman of 10cc

You see? It's like a little circle of facts, or something. Of course, number nine would work better if The Hollies actually had named themselves after Buddy Holly.