Radiohead are taking a short break from touring at the moment. The European leg of their tour is complete and they resume in the US in about three weeks. The band have put a lot of thought into making the tour as environmentally-friendly as they can. Richard Young, the band's tour manager, has blogged about how they chose their venues, how they're transporting their equipment and how fans - and the band - travel to the show.

Most interesting though is his post about their light show. The lighting is truly spectacular, as Radiohead's lighting always is, but it's provided entirely by LEDs and uses less than a quarter of the power of a traditional lighting rig of the same size:

"The full system (including video) is exclusively LED and uses 140A 3phase (420A in total) when turned on fully.  It's worth pointing out that LED lighting uses Red, Green and Blue LED's to make colours, with all 3 being on 100% to make white, therefore any colour effect only uses a percentage of the power. Traditional lighting uses a subtractive colour creation, with filters placed in front of a white source to remove the unwanted colour - therefore, in the case of red for example, using 100% of the power for a third of the light output."