Radiohead in Victoria Park

I saw Radiohead play in Victoria Park, in east London, last Wednesday. It was my fourth Radiohead gig and actually the worst of the lot but that was no fault of the band. They remain an astonishing live act, capable of replicating the sound of their records or of taking songs into fascinating new places as the whim takes them. But Victoria Park is a lousy venue for such a large gig. We were squashed into a too-narrow stretch of park which seemed custom-designed to be whatever the opposite of a natural ampitheatre is. An unnatural ampitheatre, I suppose.

Nevertheless, the In Rainbows material sounded good, Everything In Its Right Place and Idioteque were astonishing and the close of the set - My Iron Lung, Karma Police, Go Slowly, 2+2=5 and Paranoid Android - was sublime.

I would have liked to hear I Might Be Wrong and Let Down but neither track has been played at all on this tour so that was never likely. And Talk Show Host would have been good too but that's appeared at just 14 per cent of the shows on this tour.

At which point, I should come reveal my source and direct you to the marvel of geekery that is Ronald van den Berg's Radiohead 2008 Tour Statistics site. As well as detailing the tracks played on this tour and the ones that haven't been, you can also find out which word Thom Yorke has sung most often and even which animal has had the most mentions. It's unnecessary and obsessive but unexpectedly compelling.