The sound of 26 books closing

It’s more than six years since I began blogging about the books I’ve read. In 2006 I set myself the modest challenge of reading 26 books – around one every two weeks. A few friends were enthusiastic about the idea and, at the beginning of 2007, 26 Books became a site of its own, with several bloggers.

Since then hundreds of books have been reviewed on the site. And now it’s time to stop. The domain expires at the beginning of May and I’ve decided that I won’t renew it. In about 10 days time the site will disappear.

I've enjoyed writing these reviews and I would love to carry on. One of the best things about it is being able to go back and see what I wrote about something that I read years ago. I'll miss that. These days I don't have time to write reviews that I value and I don't see any point in writing these posts if I can't do it properly.

My posts have been moved to this blog. Thanks to our small band of readers for visiting over the years. And thanks to all of those who have contributed to the site: James Higgs, Ian Douglas, Zoe Whitley, Ann Tozer, Ceri Radford, Cathy Tozer, Kerry Moore, Sara Ashton, Sara Williams and finally Anjali Ramachandran, who joined just in time for the website to close.