Random childhood memories (1)

I used to spend summer holidays in Great Yarmouth, home of the worst waxworks in the world and a seafront that became more rundown with each passing year. My grandparents lived there; they still do but I don't go as often these days. One summer in the late Seventies, or perhaps the early Eighties, a train came to Great Yarmouth and stayed, as far as I remember, for a weekend. Perhaps it was there for longer. This train was some sort of mobile amusement park for kids. You started at one end and walked through it, staring in wonder at the delights in each carriage.

There was something about Dr Who in at least one carriage. It had a dalek in it maybe, or was it done up to look like the Tardis control room? I really don't remember.

I'm curious to know whether I've embellished this thing in my memory. I remember being amazed but it must have been terrible, surely? I'd love to see just how tacky it actually looked. And I'd like to know who came up with such a bizarre idea in the first place.

I've tried Googling for this thing but where do you start?