Projects, plans and schemes

The process of moving my Bloglines bookmarks over to continues slowly - I have 250 or so left to move over. In the meantime I've adopted another project that is eating into my blogging time. For the last few years I've kept the music collection on my PC down under 40gb so that it fits on my iPod. A couple of weeks ago though, I broke through the 40gb barrier and no amount of pruning would get me back under.

So I've decided to embrace it and put the rest of my music on there too - the iPod will be reduced to carrying edited highlights. I bought a 250gb external harddrive yesterday - the lego-like LaCie Brick - and I'm going through the hundreds of discs that have so far been excluded from the digital world.

I've rediscovered so many tracks that I had forgotten I own. iTunes now contains almost 1,500 songs that weren't there yesterday and my rough estimate is that I have another 3,000 or so to go.

Of course, there are other demands on my time. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the XBox 360, for example, is something of a life-eater. It's fantastic, too. Then there's the 26 Books plan - book six should have been finished at the end of March, as it is, I think I'm a day or two away from finishing it. I need to make up the time with a short book, or at least something that's a quick read.

Oh, and there's work, too.

Still, it's good to be busy...