Diving into del.icio.us

I have not had much time for blogging over the last couple of days because I've finally, and belatedly, discovered del.icio.us. I had been using Bloglines to store articles I wanted to refer back to but their interface doesn't allow for tags and searching and whatnot. Now I know there are RSS readers that do allow those things, Google Reader for example, but I've been meaning to try del.icio.us for a while.

I'm not convinced by the social aspect of it yet. Browsing via tags seems to give me sites that are, one the one hand, too obvious or too general or, on the other hand, too specific or obscure. It needs some kind of rating system for that - something more like Blinklist, in fact.

Anyway, for what I want to do, del.icio.us is perfect. I can save the links I need and give them multiple tags to make finding them easier.