'At least we're not England fans'

Here in Miami, football fans - the American kind - are focused on two records that could be broken this season. The Miami Dolphins have lost all ten of their games so far this season. Tomorrow night they travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers, who are unbeaten at home and have the league's best defence.

The last team to finish a season winless were the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers but that was in the days of the 14-game season. Since the season became 16 games no team has ever finished winless. The Dolphins have six more chances to avoid an unpleasant distinction.

Meanwhile the New England Patriots face the Philadelphia Eagles later tonight aiming to win their eleventh game of the year and many observers think that they are unbeatable this year. Just one team has recorded an unbeaten season, the Miami Dolphins back in 1972. Again, that was in the days of the 14-game season. No team has ever gone 16-0.

So the Dolphins face the prospect of losing one of football's most prestigious records and finding themselves lumbered with a humiliating new distinction.

It's tricky to find consolation but, in today's Miami Herald, Michelle Kaufman offers the following: "Fans of the 0-10 Miami Dolphins have reason to be depressed this Thanksgiving weekend, but nothing in American sports is as maddening or disheartening as being a fan of the English national team."