So, Glastonbury then

I've been watching this year's festival in the now traditional fashion: at home and, thanks to Sky+, mostly on fast forward. A few observations: 1. The BBC presenting team are perhaps the most irritating people in the world. Jo Whiley, Zane Lowe, Lauren Laverne, Colin Murray, that git with the beard, blimey that's a world class collection of dull-witted, sycophantic morons. They're annoying even on fast forward. John Peel's well out of it.

2. Glastonbury 2007 is being shown on three channels and there are five options on interactive, so why is it so damn repetitive? Look, if people missed The Killers or the Arctic Formbys I'm sure they'll get over it. There are a thousand stages and a million bands, show something else for god's sake.

3. The Manics. Are they still going? Isn't it time someone built a by-pass over them?

4. Iggy Pop. Listen grandad, we don't say "Paki shops" any more. Oh, and Mr Radcliffe and Ms Whiley: you might want to challenge interviewees when they spout crap like that.

5. There has been some good stuff though: K'Naan, The Super Furries, Go! Team, CSS and Rodrigo y Gabriela to name a few. And Beirut are still to come, which should be cool.

Update: Forgot to mention Gogol Bordello, the excellent "gypsy punks", whose Start Wearing Purple was one track I don't mind the BBC repeating over and over.