Man Utd 2, Milan 2

It was 1-2 when I switched on but even if the score hadn't been displayed in the corner of the screen I would have known the result from Clive Tyldesley's funereal tones. With the anguished air of a man watching a car full of puppies sink slowly into a lake, Clive seemed barely able to speak the words as Milan worked the ball. He was a sigh personified. But on 59 minutes a Wayne Rooney goal put the smile back on Clive's face. He laughed, laughed with pure joy, as Paul Scholes flicked the ball over the Milan defence. Now his commentary is bold and purposeful. The match may not have needed a goal but the commentator sure did.

Any second now he'll remind us that he was at that Champions League final.

Update: And a late Rooney goal gives Man Utd the win. I hope Clive brought a change of underwear.