Pruning the RSS feeds

I spent this morning and part of yesterday ploughing through the hundreds of unread blog posts that accumulated in my RSS reader over Christmas. Google Reader's new trends page informs me that I've read more than 1,700 posts this weekend. I've also been unsubscribing to a few feeds. I had 127 on my list and I'm trying to get it back down to 100. I'm down to 109 at the moment with a few feeds on 'probation'. Some of those ditched include Guy Fawkes, Ask MetaFilter and music blog Idolator.

Guy Fawkes has been a disappointment for a while now. Instead of sharp-witted political gossip it's devolved into lame satire and deeply partisan lame satire at that, which I imagine is a bore to all but the most faithful Tories. It had reached the point where I was finding something interesting on there only about once a month.

Idolator just never really hooked me. If I had more time I'd stick with it.

I really wanted to keep the AskMeFi feed. There's some great stuff on there but there are just too many posts everyday and too many of them aren't interesting to me, so it has to go.

Of course, there are those who devour far more feeds than I do. A very rough Technorati search turned up Chris Leckness, who has more than 600 subscriptions, and Mauricio Freitas, who cut back to 309 from a high of 600.

Of course, the number of feeds you can handle depends on the volume of posts. I could probably handle 600 blogs like mine, where I barely manage to post once a day, but if I added a few of the big boys - the BoingBoings, the Gawker stable and so on - I'd be overwhelmed in no time.