New year, new blog

Posting has been slow here so far this year because I've been setting up another blog. I've invited five other people to join my 26 books project this year and I've set up a blog - - for us all to chronicle our reading. It's another WordPress blog and it uses the Freshy theme. I didn't have to alter the theme very much - the only thing I've done is replace the banner with a picture of the 26 books I read last year.

I'd recommend Freshy to anyone looking for a theme for their blog. It's very easy to customise. Many of the options can be changed from within the WordPress dashboard, which makes customisation a lot simpler. When I altered the design of the theme for this blog - the excellent Fast Track - I had to do most of the work in the PHP files themselves using Dreamweaver. Newer themes such as Freshy are changing all that, which is great.

I'll still post the books I'm reading at this blog but they'll be duplicated over at 26 books.