About me

I’m a media professional with experience as a journalist, digital media consultant, lecturer, social media editor and project manager. My areas of interest include consumer technology, digital media, music and books.


My Kindle Single about wearable technology, Computerised You: How Wearable Technology Will Turn You Into A Computer, is out now and my new iBook, Guide to iOS 7, was published in September 2013 by Touch Press.

My writing has appeared in Stuff magazine, T3, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Bookseller, British Journalism Review, Harvard University's Nieman Reports and the RSA journal. Consultancy clients include the World Economic Forum and Bloom.fm

Until April 2013 I was Head of Technology (Editorial) at Telegraph Media Group, which is a rather unwieldy way of saying that I managed technology coverage for the group. In more than 10 years at the Telegraph I had a spell as Online News Editor and was the Telegraph's first Communities Editor.

I left briefly during the first dotcom boom to become editor of an internet radio station.

I taught technology journalism as a specialism at City University for three years and have lectured Sheffield University and Cardiff University journalism students. In addition, I’ve appeared on TV and radio, including BBC Newsnight, Sky’s Jeff Randall Live, Radio Five Live and the World Service.